Top 20 Shoes to Pair with Your Mix and Match

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Footwears for Ladies 101

Which Goes with What?

Top 20 Shoes to Pair with Your Mix and Match

  1. Flip flops 

Flip flopsA flip flop is an open-toed flat sandal made with rubber or plastic with a Y-shaped thong that passes between the big and second toe. It is the most casual footwear and unless you have important places to go other than your house, at the beach or the neighborhood, flip flops is the most ideal wear.

Best worn with: Summer dresses, shorts, jeans,long skirts and short dresses, short casual skirts, plain clothes, butterfly and harem pants

Best worn at: pools, beaches, parks near the neighborhood, at the house 

  1. Deck Shoes

Deck ShoesThese are also called boat shoes which are flat canvas or leather with rubber soles. Their vamps are separated from the toe cap and side quarters and usually have side lacing around the top line.They are lightweight and flexible with rubber soles to protect from slipping which mean they are a match made in heaven for active, outdoorsy chic. These are good alternative for trainers to achieve casual, preppy and airport look and are actually a smarter way to deal with activities. However, black-colored boat shoes are dressier and so it is more work appropriate.

Best worn with: high waist and ripped jeans, denim shorts, girlfriend chinos, sweater and leggings, printed shirt paired with white pants, plaid shirts and dress pants

Best worn at: casual summer days, catch up meetings with friends, casual walks, office wear (the black classy boat shoes)

3. Gladiator Sandals/ Gladiator boots

Gladiator SandalsGladiator sandals, by definition, are open-toed T-bar sandals with multiple straps running across the foot in a way that resembles the footwear of Roman gladiators. It was popular during the 70’s, almost disappeared during the 80’s and 90’s but resurfaced again during 2000 to become an undying trend up until now. This is a go-to for almost every occasion especially when you want to pull off a convenient, chic look.

Best worn with: solid black or white dress, large abstract patterned dress, shorts or skirts just above the knee, denim shorts and Capri pants for knee-high gladiators;long skirts or maxi, square and wide-legged pants for simple ankle gladiators; skinny jeans for heeled gladiators

Best worn at: outings, vacations or summer staycations, evening or Saturday night outs with friends for fancier gladiator sandals/ boots; weddings (ankle or low-cut gladiators) 

4. Ballerina Shoes/ Dolly Shoes 

Ballerina ShoesBallerina shoes or dolly shoes are also referred to as ballet flats, or simply, flats. It is designed after Pointe shoes or the shoes used by ballerina dancers which have very thin heels and closed toe. This is very ideal for activities that involve so much running around because it balances with the weight easily. This is perfect for a neat, comfortable chic look.

Best worn with:anything so long as it’s above ankle length (exceptions: maxi skirts and dresses, long jeans and overalls (unless cuffed, long square and wide-legged pants)

Best worn at: office, events involving semi-casual attire, outdoor

5. Canvas Shoes/ Sneakers 

Canvas ShoesIts name is a reference to the material it is made of. It has basic shoe laces and a very simple casual look. It is breathable and lightweight. It is specifically designed to complement physical activity that is why it has rubber soles that provide non-slip protection to the user. But while this is great for ladies who are regular at the gym or do a lot of running and jumping in their daily routine, the current fashion trend is to pair up sneakers or canvas shoes with dresses for a sporty chic look which gives the aura of strength and independence.

Best worn with: summer midi dresses or sundresses, pullovers, skinny jeans and shirt, jumper shorts or skirt, candy pants, Capri pants, above-the-knee bodycon or mini dress, flare skirt or dress, sundress

Best worn at: casual and semi-casual events, gym, school, outdoor 

6. Trainers: 

TrainersTraining shoes are designed specifically for protection from fitness activities. They support a range of movements including cutting, breaking, jumping and changing direction quickly which make it ideal to use for fitness classes and a variety of work outs. You should slip on this footwear whenever you feel the need for a physiological and mental boost. However, it is also a fashion trend nowadays to pair trainers with casual and smart dresses, so if you think you can pull it off, you go girl!

Best worn with: leggings, yoga pants, harem pants, sweater, shirt and trousers, skinny jeans (you can even try out wearing it with dress thought to be honest, it’s not for everyone)

Best worn at: Gym, Yoga classes, Outdoor camps, team-buildings, dance or Zumba fitness classes 

7. Loafers

LoafersThese are also called slip- on. They are basically anything that don’t have lacing or fastening in it. Loafers are another of the shoe kind that goes well with anything. Nevertheless, loafers provide a smarter look. Use loafers for a brilliant, dignified style.

Best worn with: white polo and trousers, suede, blouse and pencil skirt, boyfriend jeans, button down shirt and mini-skirt, overalls, leather jacket paired on skinny ripped jean and lace mini-dress

Best worn at: office, school, business meetings 

8. Oxfords

OxfordsOxford shoes have “closed lacing” which means its shoelace eyelet feature is attached under the vamp. It was originally a plain and formal shoe but over the years evolved in different styles which now suits casual, uniform and formal. It is best to use when you want to achieve an elegant, professional and proper look.

Best worn with: leggings and oversized sweater, skater skirt, mini-dress, trouser, candy pants, khaki pants, cuffed skinny jeans and leather jacket over cropped top, button down blouse and shorts, leather miniskirt, boyfriend jeans and loose jeans

Best worn at: Formal type of oxford is suitable at business meetings, business casual or dressy casual events;any classy, proper occasion while the more casual type suits casual occasions 

9. Pumps

PumpsThese are also known as court shoes, and characterized by a low-cut front which exposes the entire top of the foot starting from the toe-box. These are the most popular heeled shoes for women because they work for any occasion and easily enhance any outfit. But while they are alluring, pumps can cause serious physical problems that are why it’s not advisable to wear it every day. But nonetheless, a dainty chic will surely enjoy a glamorous footwear to go with her style.

Best worn with:body con dresses, skinny jeans paired with plain tops, cuffed boyfriend jeans and pull over sweat shirts, ripped skinny jeans, high waisted skirt or jeans, wrap-around dress, frilled or lacey dresses, pants suit, mini-dress, leggings, short skirts, tops with smart blazers, frilly tops, evening dress, shift dress, cocktail dress; pencil skirt

Best worn at: Office, smart-casual events, casual gatherings, school, business meetings, fancy dinners; evening night outs 

10. Wedges

WedgesThese are shoes in the form of a wedge such that one piece of material serves as both the sole and the heel. It has a sole that s much thicker at the back making it high-heeled. It is comfortable and stable and gives a solid platform to keep the wearer in balance. This is best for women who wants to achieve a cute, chic look without giving up comfort and poise.

Best worn with: sporty dresses, sheath dress, mini dress, flared dress, tent dress, cuffed boyfriend jeans, wrap-around dress, cocktail dress, jumper dress, skater dress and skirt, skinny jeans, trouser, candy pants, A-line skirt, denim skirts, sweater dress, swing dress, sun dresses, shirt dress, pull over; cocktail dresses

Best worn at: clubs, out of town trips, casual gatherings, school, summer wear

11. Espadrille

EspadrilleBest worn with:printed shorts, skater skirts or dresses, sun dresses, candy pants, printed trousers, mid length square pants, denim skirt, skinny jeans, cuffed boyfriend jeans, ripped jeans,It is a light canvas shoe or sandal with a plaited fiber sole. It usually has a canvas or cotton fabric upper and a flexible sole made of esparto rope. The esparto rope is the defining characteristic of espadrille. A fun, outdoorsy type of woman will surely take delight in a pair of this shoes.

Best worn at:beach weddings, summer outings, casual walks, out of towns

12. Kitten heels

It is a short, slender heel, usually from 1.5 to 1.75 inches high with a slight curve setting the heel in from the back edge of the shoe. It was first introduced as a formal fashion attire for adolescent girls but it is also worn now for casual settings.

Best worn with:cropped pants, plain trousers, shorts, mid-length skirts, shift dress, rolled up jeans and t-shirt, skinny jeans and shirt, flared dress, asymmetrical dress or skirt, pencil skirt, bodycon dress

Best worn at: casual and dressy events, weddings, parties, office, business meetings 

  1. Cone Heels

Cone HeelsThis heel resembles the shape of an upright ice cream cone or an upside-down triangle. The heel starts wide at the sole then narrows significantly, sometimes almost to a point, all the way to the ground. This is actually more manageable than stilettos; a practical addition to your chic heels collection.

Best worn with:pencil skirt, mini to mid-length dresses,plain or patterned trousers, maxi dresses, evening slit dresses, jeans, mini-skirt, maxi skirts, dress pants, ankle pants, cropped wide-leg pants, square pants, cropped jeans

Best worn at:evening wear, parties, dressy-casual, smart-casual, office, fancy dinner

  1. Ankle Strap Heels

Ankle Strap HeelsAnkle strap heels are heels with a strap or several straps that run around the ankle and holds the shoe, making it secure to walk with. The straps could actually be ornamental, making ankle strap heels look very aesthetic, classy, sophisticated and chic. This heel is what you need to boost a plain and simple look.

Best worn with:cropped or cuffed skinny jeans, ankle pants, straight leg pants, wide leg pants, mid-length square pants, rompers, flared skirt or flared dress, knee-length and mid-length dresses, short frock, lacey tops or dresses, long slit dress, shorts, trousers, dungarees, baggy dress; swing dress

Best worn at:weddings, semi- or smart-casual events, formal, fancy dinner, night out with friends 

15. Sling back heels 

Sling back heelsIt is characterized by a strap that crosses behind the heel or ankle. It doesn’t completely encircle the ankle; rather, it goes around the back of the Achilles heel. The minimal strap achieves an elegant look while providing stability at the same time. This is a must add in every woman’s shoe collection as its flexibility applies to any and every event.

Best worn with:mini-skirt or mini-dress, flared dress, short to knee-length frock, sundresses, maxi dresses, rompers, cocktail dress, asymmetrical skirt, pant suit, trousers, cuffed ripped jeans, fitted pencil skirt, straight pants, mid-length square pants, cropped wide-leg pants, cropped jeans, long or nightgowns, pleated and ruffled skirts, frilly or lacey dresses; shorts in pastel colors

Best worn at:dressy and formal events, evening parties, office or business meetings, semi-casual events, casual, weddings or debut, clubbing, night outs

  1. Open ToeSandals

Open Toe SandalsThese are heeled shoes that do not cover the toes or the tips of the toes. These are meant for casuals and are not really business-appropriate as they are regarded as unprofessional in business settings. Moreover, open toe sandals are revealing, which means having chipped nails or cracking pedicure is a major buzzkill. It gives a very fun,sexy and flirty aura and so when you’re feeling very spiffy and wanted to wear one, make sure you indulge on fresh pedicure first and give your legs some good shaving.

Best worn with:ripped skinny or boyfriend jeans, short to knee length skirts, mini dress, rompers, body con dress, wrap around dress, flare or skater dress, cocktail dress, all types of short to mid-length dresses, trousers, skirts, scalloped short and skirt, bermuda short, basic short, slacks, mid length square pants, harem pants

Best worn at:dressy casual, clubbing, parties, night outs, out of town 

17. Platform

PlatformPlatform shoes have obviously thick soles, usually in the range of 3-10 cm (1-4 inc). Platform heels enable you to wear higher heels than you could normally do because it lessens the slope for your feet, making it more manageable for you to walk in high heels. It also gives extra protection from dirt and muck. If you want to add to your stature without giving up comfort nor style, then platform suits you best.

Best worn with:any short to mid-length dresses, skirts on fitted tops, denim shorts, ripped jeans, cuffed boyfriend jeans, any type of shorts

Best worn at:school, out of towns, casual walks, casual gatherings

  1. Stilettos

StilettosPerhaps the most famous shoes among ladies, stilettos are named after stiletto dagger because of their thin, high, tapering heels. You don’t actually have to be a movie star to pull off an elegant look; these sexy heels will do it for you. It can make any lady look classy and trendy in an instant so if you want to intensify your looks to a whole new level, stilettos are your new best friends.

Best worn at: Fancy dinners and evening events, formal events, dressy events, gala

Best worn with: evening and long gowns, cuffed skinny jeans, midi skirts, maxi and mini dresses, flare skirts, maxi skirts, high slit dress or skirt, cocktail dresses, jean shorts, sundress; bodycon dress

  1. Ankle Boots

Ankle BootsAnother way to amp up any business, formal or casual style, these fashion boots that reaches the ankle have always been popular since the 19th century up to present.

Best worn with: midi-skirt or dress, flare dress, shift dress, rompers, skinny jeans, ripped jeans, rolled or double cuffed jeans over plain blouse, boot cut jeans, pencil skirt, any short to mid-length skirt, ripped shorts, leggings and leather jacket, jump skirt or jump shorts, body con dress, mini-dress, sun dress, distressed denim, blazers over plain top and denim pants, mid-length trousers, maxi dress or maxi skirt with slit; skirt

Best worn at: office, casual events, out of towns, school, formal events

20. Block Heel Sandals

Block Heel SandalsPerhaps the most practical type of heel (unless very high), block heels are easy to balance and provides firm stability because weight is distributed evenly. Shoes with block heels may have a pointy, rounded or open front, but the back is connected to a square or rectangle shape plastic or any other petrochemical material that runs from the heel of the foot all the way to the tip. This is a sensible way of achieving a totally stylish look without sacrificing comfort for the sake of beauty.

Best worn with:denim skirt, cuffed denim shorts, ripped skinny jeans, cuffed jeans, pencil skirt, mid-rise jeans, mini dress, mini to mid-length skirt, shift dress, flare dress, bodycon dress, maxi skirt and dress, dress pants, square pants, high slit dress or skirt, skirt, pullover, sundress, asymmetrical skirt, blazer and cardigan over tight top and trousers or denim pants

Best worn at: Office (if closed-front), school, casual, business casual,

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