What did you learn from your past relationship?

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past relationship

By Lyka Mae P. Chiang

People say you always learn something from your past relationship—no matter how difficult or ugly the breakup was. The longer you wait, the more you will realize your mistakes that led you both to part ways. In this Reddit thread, users shared the most valuable lesson they have learned from their past relationships, and we hope you can write down some helpful notes to equip you with for your present or future relationship.

  1. “Run when the abuse starts. Don’t try to rationalize it.” —nomlingo
  2. “Never compromise your own goals for the sake of another.” —ausAnstand
  3. “If you keep thinking about leaving, it’s time to leave. There’s always a better option than a person who makes you unhappy.” —penelopeExplosion
  4. “Compassion and unconditional support towards your partner can help you love yourself more too.” —ParisForever
  5. “There is no ‘true love.’ Either you both work to be together and make things as easy as possible or only one of you does.” —BananaBread69420
  6. “If someone doesn’t want to be in your life, you let them leave. Can’t fix a relationship that only one person wants to be in, learned that the hard way.” —landboby
  7. “To appreciate a good thing when you have it. Cause when it’s gone, you will miss it greatly.” —cozmo_not
  8. “Just because he sends you love poems doesn’t mean he can’t also be simultaneously cheating on you with two other chicks.” —sleepis4theweakkk
  9. “Just because someone is a nice person doesn’t mean they are going to be a perfect match for you. Being nice doesn’t automatically equal to a great partner and [just because] people keep telling you that your partner is “so nice” doesn’t mean you should feel bad for leaving them!” —ilovelordcheesedick
  10. “No matter what anyone else says or does, you don’t need a relationship to lead a fulfilling life.” —jojowiththeflow

So, do you agree with these statements, ZEN ladies?

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