What is Self-Awareness?

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What is Self-Awareness

Self-awareness helps you to understand your principle, beliefs, strength, weakness, thought, motivation, and emotions. It also allows you to understand other people.

Why does Self-Awareness Matter for Women?

Having self-awareness is the key to emotional intelligence. With it, you can control your emotion. It helps you in different aspects, such as leadership, social work, education,among others. It also provides benefits that allow you to improve yourself.

How can we have Self-Awareness?

By having a journal

Having a journal can help you monitor your expressions all day. You can have it as a guide to learn more about yourself and discover how you should react to certain things.You can also use it to list down ideas. It can help you release your thoughts and steer clear from stress.

By knowing your strengths and weaknesses

Your weaknesses can limit the things you can do while knowing your strengths can help you do the things you want to do. Having knowledge on these can help improve yourself-awareness.

By asking for feedbacks, listening,  and accepting

It may be difficult and hurtful,but having an open mind can help you see things positively. It will help you see the personalities and characteristics you should develop or improve.

By trying new things

It’s really helpful to try new things to have self-awareness. Sometimes, there are adventures that can help you see the other side of yours that you haven’t discovered yet. It encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and express who you really are. It will help you notice your limits and capabilities in every thing you do.

By Motivating Yourself

You have the freedom to choose whatever you want in your life.Every step you make is your own choice and decision. Motivating yourself in a positive way can help you develop your potential in many things.

If you fail, stand up. Try Again!

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