What’s in a Thigh Gap?

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What’s in a Thigh Gap

Is it the new sexy? Do men or women even care?


What’s in a Thigh Gap2For some countries, especially in the United States, thigh gap perceived as “sexy” emerged sometime in 2011. It was popularized by thin American models with thigh gaps at the end of 2010 during the Victoria Secret lingerie fashion show.
The “thigh gap” hype emerged afterwards, making women want to have it because a beauty perception developed that girls with thigh gap are sexier.
In the United States, some have sought medical interventions through surgery and extreme eating disorders just to achieve that thigh gap. The social media has also contributed to inflame that perception spreading the hype.

What’s in a thigh gap?
The through and through space between your inner thigh while standing and knees touching is called a thigh gap. Genetically speaking, thigh gap is not achieved by ladies through dieting or having thin body only.

What’s in a Thigh Gap3Women with thigh gaps have it because the width of their hips as compared to the length of their femoral head is smaller. So, it has something to do with bone structure and not with the mass of body fat.

The hype did not reach few Filipinos, though. So I randomly selected 50 women with ages 20-45 and asked them these two questions: 1) “Do you care having a thigh gap or you are not conscious about it?” and 2) “Do you think men like girls with thigh gap?”

Out of 50 respondents, 49 said they do not even know what a thigh gap means, while one answered that she has one but do not care.

If they think men find it sexier, 48 women answered men do not look and are not concerned about it.

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