Why men cheat?

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Why Men Cheat

By Lyka Mae P. Chiang

How many relationships have come to a catastrophic end because of infidelity? Broken hearts and puffy eyes and hatred for the universe–all because of something evitable but is hard to resist for some. Behind such action, however, are reasons each individual possesses. Here, we listed some of the causes that trigger men to cheat on their partners.

  1. It’s just too much for him

He reached out for you in the beginning and the both of you totally clicked. You started getting along and eventually, you decided to get serious with him, but little did you know that it would scare him away. He probably thinks a relationship is something that he can just grab then throw away when he doesn’t need it anymore. He’s not ready for the real thing yet, and everything that’s been happening between the two of you is just overwhelming for him and that drives him to look for something less.


  1. He got bored

You’ve been so used to each other that the things that used to make you both feel like the happiest couple in the world are slowly fading. It may take months, years, or even decades but getting bored in a relationship is not unusual. And maybe he got to that point already, and instead of doing something about it, he chose to turn to the worst and revive the lost heat from another woman.


  1. You won’t find out

It’s not cheating if you don’t get caught, they say. He still loves you, but he wants to explore. He’s going to come back to you at the end of the day. These are some of the stupid excuses men use to defend themselves when they cheat. They think women won’t find out, but hey, WOMEN always DO. And even if they don’t, considering that they got involved with another woman while in a relationship, there’s no better word to call that but cheating. ZH

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